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So before discussing more about my first web, it would be better for me to first introduce who is the creator of this simple blog.

My name is Muhammad Gunawan, I am a graduate of a Vocational High School. After graduating from school in 2015 I have worked in several companies as Production Operators for 2 years. When I work in a company, I have known the terms of making money on the internet like Youtuber, Publisher and Developer, but from these three steps I prefer to go as a Blogger publisher. I have known the world of the internet especially as a livelihood long before building this blog. One day I was thinking of taking advantage of this deeper internet marketing knowledge, so I decided to quit my job at the company and would pursue the world of Publiser. But to support my life a day, I traded temporarily in traditional markets, kept track of my parents.

In the development of technology I am no stranger to the term Searching for Money on the internet, therefore I am trying to build a web as a first step as I plunge into Publiser. is a domain that I first bought for $ 20. After so many months I took care of this domain and updated the article every time I had free time I decided to change the appearance of to make it more interesting, so I bought a premium blog template from someone for $ 5. From here I have high enthusiasm because I see the web that is interesting and I keep trying to update articles every day. After walking for a few months I felt that my blog visitors were not increasing and I decided to buy a backlink from someone trusted to increase the quality of my blog in the eyes of Google. has been caring for a year and I already have a non-hosted Adsense account but my income has not increased and in the end my adsense account has been activated activating Google, I don't even know what violations I have committed that cause my account to be non activate. How much I have declined to become a successful publisher. But thanks to my friends in the Maya world I have the spirit to return to making the internet the main livelihood. Therefore starting today I will be committed to taking good care of my web and making an article that is useful for visitors to my blog. Because this is my first blog, maybe there will be some sentences or deliveries that readers cannot understand, so I am sorry and support for commenting on every article I have to correct. For the type of article that I made I did not target a nice one, I made an article based on what was on my mind right away.

Thanks !!!