Everything you need to know about Powerbeats Pro

The true wireless earbuds match the AirPods 2 in a number of ways, but also have some features the AirPods don’t. Want to know what they do and how much they cost? Here’s everything you need to know about Powerbeats Pro.

Powerbeats Pro − Design and features

Powerbeats Pro maintain a similar shape and design to the Powerbeats 3, except they don’t have a wire connecting each earphone. The Powerbeats Pro are a true wireless offering.

Powerbeats Pro

There’s also the addition of adjustable ear hooks for a better fit, with these earbuds aimed at the sporty gym set who may feel that AirPods will drop out during a run.

Leaks suggested that they would have the same H1 chip and Siri support as the new AirPods and that has proven to be correct. You can engage hands-free control by calling for the voice assistant and saying “Hey, Siri”.

There are also physical controls, with volume controls now accessible on the earbuds. A long press on the ‘b’ button declines an incoming call.

The earbuds have been fitted with sensors that can enable autoplay functionality. If you take them out of your ears the music will pause and it’ll start up again once you put them back in. They also power-off the buds when they’re placed back in the case.

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The new charging case is not QI compatible, so cannot be wirelessly charged. The Powerbeats Pro case opts for a foldable clamshell design with the case storing 24 hours worth of charge – exactly the same as the new AirPods.

The Pro give nine hours playback from a single charge, with five minutes granting 1.5-hours of battery life and 15 minutes an extra four and a half hours of juice.

The earbuds are also sweat and water resistant, with black, moss, navy and ivory finishes available.

Powerbeats Pro − Price

Before the announcement, we felt the only thing that could hinder the earbuds’ overall appeal could be their price. Beats products traditionally come with a price tag that’s on the expensive side.

The Powerbeats Pro retail for £219/$249.95. That’s more than the either the Powerbeats 3 or the new AirPods.

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