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Requirements for getting Ads (Matched Content) from Google Adsense

Getting income from Google Adsense requires effort and hard work. From building a blog, increasing the number of visitors every day, then registering your blog to Google adsense. Not until here your efforts to earn income from Google Adsense, then you must be diligent in updating the article every day and most importantly is smart in placing Google Adsense ads to increase the number of clicks obtained. one of them is the type of advertisement (Matched Content) provided by Google Adsense.

How to get ads (Matched Content) from Google Adsense. Matched Content is a type of advertising provided by Google with certain conditions. advertising (Matched Content) can only be obtained by blogger publishers who have met the requirements. (Matched Content) is a free recommendation tool that offers an easy way to promote your content to site visitors. 

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There are several requirements that must be met by blogger publishers. To be able to advertise (Appropriate Content). Requirements for getting the appropriate content from google adsense :

1. number of visitors. in order to be able to apply the features (the appropriate content) from Google Adsense on your blog. You must have many visitors every day. around thousands of PV.

2. number of articles. Provisions on how to get (the appropriate content) next is that you have to have a lot of articles. approximately the range of hundreds of articles contained on your blog.

3. Further requirements How to get the appropriate Content ad from Google Adsense. On its official page, Google says to get the appropriate Content feature the site must be monetized optimally. Optimal means you place ads according to the TOS and do not violate anything.

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These are some of the requirements that you must complete in order to enjoy the features of the Matched Content and you apply it to your blog. If you feel that you have fulfilled the above requirements, send a request so that Google provides a Content feature that is suitable to apply to your blog.
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