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How to register for Google Adsense to be quickly approved

Before discussing more about how to register for google adsense to be quickly approved, I will explain in advance what is Google Adsense. But I don't think it is necessary to explain it because you certainly already know about Google Adsense, what you experience is that you don't know how to register for google adsense or your blog has been registered but hasn't been approved or even rejected by Google Adsense.

The most important requirement before registering for Google Adsense is that you must first have a blog or website that has content or articles of at least 15 articles that have been indexed by the webmaster. Try your blog already using TLD (top level domain) and has been indexed perfectly by the google search engine or can also see the age of the blog that is 2 months or more. 

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Also pay attention to the quality of your blog. The purpose of quality here is that your blog has an attractive look and buttons or clear widget features. This is what you need to pay attention to about the quality of blogs to be quickly accepted by Google Adsense :

1. Use premium templates

The purpose of using premium templates is to improve your SEO blog and make your blog interesting and fast loading.

2. Blogs already use top-level domains

use TLD (top level domain). blogs that use TLD will look more professional than those who still use the default blogger address that contains the word blogspot in their blog address. Besides, when registering for Google Adsense with blogs that have used TLD it will be more quickly accepted and another advantage of using TLD is that we will get a type of Google Adsense account that is not hosted.

3. complete the blog with sitemap, contact us, privacy police, disclaimer

Sitemp serves to make it easier for visitors to search for the keywords they are looking for and Google likes blogs that have a sitemap. Contact us is also favored by Google Adsense because by contacting us, privacy and disclaimer of visitors will feel safe and trust in your blog. Google adsense also likes blogs that have all three.

4. Register via the google adsense website directly (not through the blogger dashboard).

This is one of my tricks to get google adsense. Before registering make sure you have deleted the cookies and history in your browsre, try your gmail account to exit the browser. After that, register your blog directly through the Google Adsense website.

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5. update the article

after the above conditions are fulfilled your next task is to update the article every day so that your blog looks active in the eyes of google. Update articles at least once a day until you receive an email from Google Adsense.

The above conditions are my experience when first registering for Google Adsense. I myself don't know what number affects the acceptance of my blog. Please practice the above points so that you can be accepted by Google Adsense and have additional income from the internet.
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