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How to overcome errors when installing google adsense code on the blog

Google Adsense will provide ad script code which is then placed on your blog which aims to review your blog. But not a few who experience errors when installing this script code or an error occurs. Below this picture shows an error message when installing the ad script code:

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In the description of the picture above, it shows an error in the "asyn" script code that is related to the element type "script". This error makes the Adsense code script that you enter cannot be saved in the template.

How to Overcome Errors When Installing Google Adsense Codes on Blog :

see the picture below which shows that an error has occurred in the script provided by google adsense.

To overcome the Error When Installing the Google Adsense Code on the Blog, you only need to edit the code, that is, by deleting "space" in the <script async src = code. then the code that appears will be like the picture below.

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then you can save templates that have entered the ad code from google adsense.
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