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The advantages and disadvantages of sharing blog links to social media

The first purpose of creating a website or blog is to increase the number of visitors, if the number of visitors is large, our income will increase. Many blogger publishers try to have lots of visitors by sharing website links to social media. Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other social media. 

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But if you share too many blog url links, your website link will be considered spam. Here I will explain why your website link is blocked :

  1. Too many sharing links to social media in one day.
  2. share article links not in accordance with the theme of the social media group where you share website links. 
  3. Share adult article links or online gambling sites.
  4. There are certain parties who report your website link as spam.
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To overcome blocked blog links, you can file a complaint to Facebook and report that the website link you are sharing is not spam, but this method can no longer be used. Then you can use short links that use Google URL Shortener or can also use third parties via BITLY. Both methods aim to shorten website links.

All you need to pay attention to is that the URL you share on social media is not considered spam This is enough to share url links 2 times a day, Share the URL link according to the group theme. In essence, you only need to be careful when sharing a website url link. How good your visitors are from Google's pure search, not from sharing links on social media, because visitors who are purely from google search have high click prices and are good for website health.
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