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Pay attention to the speed of loading your blog to improve SEO

Website loading speed is the time it takes to load a blog page or website when visitors open, both from mobile and desktop devices. The faster loading the blog the better the quality of your blog. loading heavy blogs can affect the look of your website, if your website actually gets 500PV of visitors per day, but because loading your website is heavy there will be countless visitors, this is very detrimental to you.

To find out how fast loading your blog based on Google standards can be seen with Page Speed Insights. Page Speed Insights Is a site that can calculate the speed of a blog when accessed. Page Speed Insights is a breakthrough from Google's own company and certainly free to use for those of you who want to know the speed of your blog / website. 

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How do you please click Page Speed Insights, enter your website address and then click analysis, wait a while google will calculate the speed of your blog / website. in Page Speed Insights analysis there are 2 calculation of the speed of a blog / website that is the speed of the blog / website if accessed via mobile and desktop devices. A good speed blog / website that has a 75/100 value means your website is normal, but if the value is below 75/100, your blog site contains the loading weight. 

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To overcome blogs / websites that have long loading you can apply some tips that I will share. The first is to reduce the use of widgets or other accessories in the blog / website, Compress your template to make it lighter loading, It would be better to use a blog template that contains fast and friendly or you can use the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) template.
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