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Initial preparation to build a blog / website

Building a blog must be prepared from the beginning so that the blog that you create is not in vain. As I experienced when creating this website. because the initial creation of the blog I did not have preparation so there were several cases that I had to fix on this blog from time to time because I started creating blogs with only curious capital. The problems that I encountered when building a blog included problems with long loading templates, content that copied paste, blogspot domain and many other problems that I experienced when I first built a blog / website because of my lack of knowledge. 

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To avoid the case that I experienced when building a blog, I will share tips or designs before building a blog so that the blog you create will be more mature in the results, some designs or preparations before building a blog :

1. The first one certainly already has a gmail account and already has a blogger account.

2. Have a special theme that you will create in building your blog, for example a blog that discusses the world of technology, health, or the internet. You can also create a website that addresses all topics such as this blog.

3. Have original content or articles that don't copy from other people's websites, because Google really likes blogs that have original content and original content that is easy to compete to appear on the first page of google.

4. use premium templates for blogs / websites and the templates used have attractive appearance and fast loading or not heavy when opening visitors. 

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5. Use special domains such as dotcoms that are easily remembered by visitors and of course blogs that use TLD (top level Domain) will look more professional than those who still use blogger's default domain, namely blogspot.

6. After a perfect blog it's time to register with a webmaster, why do you have to wait perfectly? so the webmaster doesn't rework the template you changed and the domain you just used.

7. The next step you just have to make articles every day, try to make articles 1 in a day more better. that is to say that your blog doesn't look vacuum in the eyes of google because it keeps updating its articles every day and it's good for SEO to increase visitors.

In building a blog that must be considered is your consistency to create content every day. Keep your blog as good as possible avoid creating articles from copy from other people's web. Make writing as your hobby. For the next step, how to make money from a blog that I will discuss in another article.
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