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How to submit the article "Fetch As Google" so that the link is quickly indexed

Sending links to Webmaster tools doesn't actually affect Google to not show your articles on Google search. Google will always crawl your article links if your website is listed in a webmaster tool, of course for those of you who already have a webmaster account.

But whatever effort you make will have its own work value, here the function of sending article links in the webmaster is that your new article will be indexed quickly by Google and of course this is good in the eyes of Google. 

Then how do I submit an article link in the webmaster? I will explain the steps.

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Step 1: The article you just created and published. Before you go to a webmaster tool, of course you must already have the article link that you just created. This article will later be copied to be sent to the webmaster.

Step 2: open the webmaster> click crawl> Fetch As Google >>. Copy the article link you just created, starting from the year of creation to * html *, example : 2018/08/how-to-get-money-on-internet-for.html. Paste in the box that contains your website domain. In the options below, select Desktop only, then click Fetch.

That's how to submit articles in webmaster tools. For additional information, Google limits 500 articles every month to submit. So, take advantage of this webmaster as much as possible and do not get me wrong in entering article links. 

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