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How to speed up loading a website

Loading speed on a website is a very important factor to increase visitors and website performance, of course it is great for SEO if the website has a fast loading speed. the speed of loading a website is a factor that makes viewing your website comfortable, if the speed of the website is very slow it will leave your blog visitors leaving your website before reading the contents of your article even though the content you make is good and interesting.

if your blog has a slow loading speed that will make your visitors angry and leave your website, of course this is detrimental to your website owner. Then I will explain some tips on speeding up website loading :

1. wise in using blog widgets.

widgets on websites are of course very important and add to the beauty of the look of the website. But you know if too many widgets are used it will make loading the website slow. So use important and necessary widgets.

2. Number of ads on the website.

The number of ads that are too much will certainly make loading the website slow. The use of advertising on a good website is 3 ads and a place in a strategic position.

3. too many colors on the website template

Too much color on the website will also make website loading slow. then choose the dominant color that will make your site look attractive to the eye.

4. Use of images in the contents of the article.

try using 1 or 2 images in each article you make. If too many images you use will make website loading slower because the internet connection takes more time when loading images.

5. Use the AMP template (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages template. The AMP template has certainly been tested to have very fast loading and of course SEO. AMP template has been officially recommended by Google. The advantage of template AMP is that it has fast loading.

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Fast blog loading is very good for website performance and makes your website visitors comfortable and right on your website. Besides being a good onten loading a website also affects SEO and will increase your website visitors.
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