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How to check and delete broken links on the website

What is a broken link? Broken link is a link that is on your website or that is attached to your template but the page cannot be accessed anymore or error 404. This broken link can come from internal backlinks or external links. There are also cases where broken links occur because the blogspot template is used as I experienced today, so I created an article How to check and delete broken links based on my experience To be useful for you too

Broken links are very dangerous to the health of your website, if there are too many broken links that will reduce the quality of your website in Google's eyes and reduce visitors to your website. Because visitors feel cheated when clicking on a link on your website it turns out the link is dead or 404 error.

How to check and remove broken links easily and quickly and accurately:

1. Please visit the website.

2. Please fill in your website address in the box provided then click find broken links.

3. Fill in the security code section and select Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower).

4. Wait a few moments then a list of inactive links will appear. Because I checked and repaired my website, no broken links were detected. if your website has a broken link, the link will appear in the list box.

5. To find out where the link is, please click src on the page where it was found, then you will be directed to the article link. Please check directly on Blogger to edit the article by removing the dead link.

It's finished how to check and delete broken links on the website. If you have deleted a broken link on your website, your website will be considered good in Google's eyes and will certainly increase your visitors.
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