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Simple Ways to Improve Domain Authority

Domain Authority Is how Google or search engine rankings for your blog or web have. One aspect that makes high authority domains is the age of old domains. Here are the things you can do to increase the authority of your web domain.

1. Utilizing Social Media to improve Domain Authority.

Many people in the world have social media either Twitter, Facebook or other social media. Social media here functions to share web article posts. By sharing posts on social media, your web will get more visitors.

Create useful and quality articles. Use social media wise enough to share posts once a day, if you share social media posts too often, your links will be considered spam.

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2. Pay attention to SEO so that the article gets first place in google search.

There are many ways on the internet that discuss web SEO, learn how to improve SEO and apply it to your website, ranging from linking keywords to URLs using LSI keywords to using external links.

SEO is the quality of articles, such as the distance between paragraphs from one another must be different discussions to complement each other. Expand the vocabulary and suggest discussing one article to the end and long so that visitors feel satisfied for a long time on your blog. Use language that is easy to understand.

3. Take care of the web properly.

Delete articles that if you copy from someone else's web, this is intended to make your website have the original article and first posted.
Also remove broken links or links that point to the web that are not clear.

4. Quality article updates and useful for readers.

The simple way is to make articles at least 500 words or more, this method is good for your website because it looks more professional. And the most important thing in writing an article for the web is not copying the writing from another web, because Google has the latest algorithm that makes copying articles not indexed by Google or difficult to perch in the first position of google search.

The above is a little way to improve the DA (domain authority) of your website. In essence, work well and always update articles every day, of course, with quality articles and SEO.
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