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How to Increase and Stabilize Blog Traffic

Blogs do not mean high and stable traffic. Blog traffic is the number of visitors who stop by or read your articles every day, either through sharing posts to social media or organic traffic from the google search engine.

Sharing links to social media articles like Facebook, Google+, or other social media can increase your blog traffic, but don't share article links too often to social media because your links can be considered spam. Good traffic coming from Google search engines or commonly called organic traffic.

By creating quality articles and of course SEO will increase organic traffic, so I will share some tips to improve and stabilize blog traffic. You need to apply it to your blog to increase traffic on the blog. 

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1. Don't change the blog template.

Changing templates continuously will cause traffic to drop, this is because Google needs time to crawl a template that has just been replaced. and of course Publiser will waste time to re-edit the appearance of his blog which should be used to create an article. Use templates that you think are interesting to look at and not messy. My advice Use a seo friendly template, fast loading, responsive, and make sure the blog template is SEO Friendly.

2. Make an original article.

Yes the original article is one of the important SEO blogs in the eyes of Google. With articles that are original or not copied from other people's blogs can increase your visitors and articles easily to occupy the first level in the google search engine. in addition to the original article, of course also pay attention to SEO in writing articles, such as the number of words at least 500 words, the distance between paragraphs and bold writing techniques, and multiply vocabulary in each paragraph, also add 2 or 1 picture in each article that you make by editing the picture first first.

3. Create articles regularly or scheduled.

Scheduling articles is certainly difficult for some people. So learning for commitment, imagine you are bound by a company that requires you to work every day. My advice is to make the article in the morning after waking up from sleep or at night.

4. Create Internal Links Between Articles.

The internal link in question is to insert a link of your own article into the article that will be created. This method can increase blog traffic. At least insert 2 links into your post with a theme that is not far from the theme of the article you are making.

5. Expand quality backlinks and stop backlinks by spamming.

Backlinks are one important factor that makes our blog famous and has many visitors. certainly supported by quality backlinks. Strengthen the Back Link using Article Placement. You can offer backlinks to friends or other publishers to work together in making backlinks. the most important thing is to stop planting backlinks on sites that are not good because it causes your blog to be bad in the eyes of Google.

The most important thing in building a blog is on yourself. You must be committed to building a blog and taking care of your blog properly. Make writing articles as your hobby first so that you will be happy in making each article without a sense of burden. Because of course a hobby will be very happy if we do it
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