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How to find out the price of a website

What is the price of a Website or blog? yes of course there are certain reasons A blogger wants to sell his website that has been built with hard work and certainly takes a long time. But if you are confused what is the right price for your website if anyone is interested in buying it. Likewise the buyer certainly wants to know the price that is appropriate if you want to buy a website.

The price of a website can be influenced by several factors such as the number of posts on the website, the authenticity of posts on the website, the number of visitors every day, the number of backlinks that many, attractive appearance and many other factors that affect the price of a website to be expensive. Here I will explain the reason why the price of an expensive website is for sale :

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1. Have a Google Pagerank

But unfortunately Google Pagerank has no more updates or has finished, so Google Pagerank does not affect the price of a website.

2. High or slim Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking can show how popular and crowded the website is visited. The slimmer or the higher the rank, the more expensive it will be.

3. Number of posts

Good articles are articles that meet SEO standards and are fresh, unique and useful for readers. The large number of articles will certainly be better.

4. Number of visitors every day

Pageview means the number of posting pages that are opened by visitors when on a web, pageviews will be higher if you have interesting posts or are related to the information that visitors are looking for.

5. Number of Google Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the important factors to improve and make blogs better in Google search results.

6. Special website for calculating blog prices

There is also a web that allows you to know the price of a blog, and With this special website you don't need to worry if you want to buy or sell a website for fear of being too expensive or too cheap. With this website the price of a blog can be known accurately and precisely, because this particular website can collect some data that affects the price of a website and describes it in detail about blogs that want to know the price.

That's a few reasons that affect the price of a website. Of course building a website is not easy and fast. It requires creativity and perseverance and high commitment. So why do you sell a website that you have built with great difficulty, it would be good to continue to be a professional publisher. But there are some people who indeed make websites just for sale, like an online store website.
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