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Small Cause Your AdSense account is Blocked

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Small Cause Your AdSense account is Blocked - For those of you who have an Adsense account you must Understand and Comply with Google Adsense Program Policy, it aims to your blog and Adsense account is not Blocked. Many Bloggers who violate the Google Adsense Program Policy either because of lack of caution or intentionally violate the Google Adsense Program Policy So that the site or Adsense account Blocked by Google. There are 3 types of violations that often occur,namely : 

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1. Falsely labeled ads
What is an Ads Label on Adsense? Ad labels are usually available at the top that appear on the site. Google only allows labels like ADS and SPONSORED. But there are some bloggers who are intentional or because they do not know the label is wrong, such as CLICK ADVERTISING that aims to invite visitors to click on this ad.

2. The placement of ads and blog content is very close.
Ad placement adjacent to the content allows visitors to click on ads inadvertently this is what causes Google to ban it, because ads adjacent to the content of the blog will provoke more clicks without the passion of visitors.

3. Ads Installed on Search Pages
there is no prohibition to advertise on the search page. However, this violation usually occurs because of the actions of visitors who entered inappropriate keywords in the search form. For example, visitors type "adult story" keyword in search form, usually a keyword will appear in the URL and also on the search page. if the URL and its search page is detected by Google AdSense it will be considered a violation
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