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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name. Read Also : Small Cause Your AdSense account is Blocked. One of the important things when you want to create a site is to choose the right Domain name. The right domain will further increase the ranking of blogs, as well as choosing a domain name that matches the topic of our blog will be easier to remember visitors. But you should read the following tips on Tips on Choosing Domain Names.

1. Use paid domain name.
This means not using free Domains, Free Domains between Other .TK, .GA, .ML, and other Domains that can be obtained for free. Damage from Free Domain is not entirely free, sometimes Free Domain only in the first year, after which it will be paid. Free domains are also often used spam sites that are not good for google.

2. Do not use Exact-Match-Domain (EMD) techniques to choose a Domain name.
What is EMD? EMD stands for Exact-Match-Domain. The purpose of EMD is the technique of buying domains by using keywords. Sample Keywords (how to create) and then the domain we buy www. how to create .com.

3. Select Domains like .com, .Net or ccTLD.
One of the most popular domains on the internet is a domain that uses .COM. But you can also use ccTLD domain, What is ccTLD domain? ccTLD is a reserved domain for Suatau Territory or Country. For example .DE domain, this domain is special for german country.

4. Create a Unique Domain name.
Why Must Unique? Because a unique Domain will be more easily remembered by visitors to our site. In addition to unique Domains try to Create Domains easily written and said, Avoid using a Number on Domains, do not use special marks like underscores or @.

That's the only tips I can explain, if any other tips please comment on this article to share with others. The point is trying to create your own domain name and we take care of the domain to get ranked on google. To get ranked in google include updating articles every day and create useful articles and avoid copying articles because it will make our Domain ugly in the eyes of Google.
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