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God Of War Playstation 4

God Of War Playstation 4 - A very interesting surprise, Many Playstation 4 gamers are surprised to see Sony Santa Monica will release the latest God Of War. Kratos has returned but no longer As before, Kratos Now accompanied by his son. A calm and wise personality compared to the previous trilogy is a figure without mercy, likes to destroy and kill all the Greek gods. Sony Santa Monica has planned the latest Stories and God Of War Game characters and provides various game formats.

Sony Santa Monica shares a story related to Kratos's new adventure in Norse mythology. Director - Cory Barlog expressed an interest to bring this Kratos adventure further in the future by bringing it to a different mythology. Two mythologies that interest them today are Egypt and Maya, Where as the story in Norse this time, Kratos will "grow" into a new God of War.

considering the latest series of God of War for 2018 has not been released to the market and release date has also not been announced, this discussion is certainly nothing more than a discourse. Barlog also hopes to make God of War a franchise that has the same level of popularity as Uncharted or Assassin's Creed. He wants this game to reach far more gamers with his latest series.

We wait for the release of this new Game God Of War Playstation 4. Read Also : Cause Adsense CPC Value Down
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