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Cause Adsense CPC Value Down

Cause Adsense CPC Value Down - One of the problems experienced by Bloggers is the low CPC value. All you need to do Is block some google adwords advertisers who have low CPC values if your Google Adsense earnings want to increase. So how do you know which AdWords ads have low CPC values and need to Block? 

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first you go to the Adsense Dashboard and select the menu on the left ie Allow & Block >> Content >> Ad Review Center >> Not yet reviewed. Next you will see a list of advertiser's site Address. Try to remember or copy the site address. After that you go to site and input the advertiser link you copied earlier, select Keyword and click Search. Until this stage you'll see Keyword stats that have low CPC values, Next Stage You only block advertiser addresses in Google Adsense settings.

Actually there are some internal factors that affect the value of CPC (cost Per Click) is. It could also be because the template you are using is not a premium template, Or because of inappropriate ad placement and ad type. So by Blocking Adsense ads that have a low CPC Value will increase your Google Adsense CPC Value.

Other Factors Affecting Low CPC Value Is The type of article you create also determines which Ads will appear in your blog. And there is a mention that the more you place ads on your blog then the ads that appear are ads that have low CPC value. So try to put your ad in mostly in 4 places, such as in the Header section, Next to the middle articles and articles and create one ad that will increase the number of clicks such as style or floating ads.
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