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Caring For Long Hair

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Caring For Long Hair - this blog is not like other blogs that make a series of words so the article has a lot of words AND make the reader upset because the opening is too long and convoluted. We only discuss 3 tips below on how to care for long hair:

  • Use conditioner after washing your hair. This is to keep the hair healthy, moist and healthy hair layer so it is not easily broken. Use conditioner appropriately. Apply starting from the center of hair, not from hair root. Let stand for 5-7 minutes and rinse hair with water until completely clean. If the conditioner is not cleaned thoroughly, then this will cause hair dandruff.
  • Use shampoo appropriately. Make sure you use a shampoo that suits your hair type. To know the type of hair please come to a hair specialist.
  • Routine replace shampoo. Usually shampoo type replacement is done every six months.
  • Use the shampoo properly and not overdo it. Excessive use of shampoo can damage the hair and make hair chapped.
  • Reduce the frequency of washing your hair. If you want long and healthy hair, you should reduce the frequency of washing your hair. Because natural hair oil will be lifted when you wash your hair. The more often you wash your hair, the scalp will lose natural oil. As we know, the function of natural oils on the scalp is as a natural moisturizer that keeps the softness and health of the scalp and hair roots.
  • Do not wear headgear if the hair is still wet, this causes the hair feels moist.

Please try the above tips if any other tips please comment on this blog. Good luck!
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