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The facts behind white bread

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The facts behind white bread - For some people, white bread is a mandatory menu for breakfast or just a snack. In addition to practical and delicious white bread is considered nutritious and healthy. In fact, there are many shortcomings when eating bread. This is the fact behind white bread :
  • Obesity
For those of you who are dieting, should avoid white bread into food. White bread has the potential to gain weight. That's because white bread contains many calories.

  • Decrease memory
White bread is a high carbohydrate food. The high content of carbohydrates in white bread can cause disruption of brain function.

  • Not filling
Often assume if white bread fills? In fact, white bread is low in fiber. Though fiber that can make the stomach filling.

  • Difficult to digest
The low fiber and high gluten content of white bread makes it difficult to digest. White bread also does not have a natural enzyme that makes it easy for food to digest.

  • It has no nutrients
White bread that we often consider nutritious, in fact does not have any nutrients. All the nutrients that are on the white bread are lost when the bread is cooked.

  • Allergic reactions
Gluten content found in white bread can stimulate the onset of histamine. Meanwhile, high histamine can trigger allergies. Better to eat whole wheat bread than white bread.

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