how to upgrade windows 10 original

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how to upgrade windows 10 original - After the release of a chance back to upgrade to Microsoft's latest OS Windows 10, many users are feeling asleep. The users are given the convenience and the valuable opportunity to be able to feel the latest operating system. But not just for new users, Microsoft again gave a surprise a few days since Upgrade for Assistive User issued. Officially on August 3 yesterday, Microsoft gave a special upgrade that is Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

The edition was issued also in the framework of his first birthday. Backed up, this build edition has many new features, especially higher security for online users. Unfortunately the update is not uniformly available for all Windows 10 users, some are forced to wait their turn to enjoy this special edition upgrade.

Behind the various upgrades and performance improvements are quite promising, we observe that there are some things that must be considered and scrutinized before using this latest windows edition so that later you who want to use it can understand and use this OS edition to the maximum.

Whether because of too many Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10 or either caused by something else, the upgrade to Windows 10 via Windows Update is not running smoothly. Some users have successfully upgraded smoothly, but not a few also failed or still waiting for its presence.

Actually upgrading to Windows 10 for free is given Microsoft to Assistive Technologies users, who although in practice, there is no check whether the feature is enabled or not in the Windows version before upgrading.

Probably some Windows 10 users do not get notifications for updates on the device so readers can not help but wait for this notification to come. If you can not wait to feel this latest edition of Windows, it turns out Microsoft provides a special Link, so you no longer need to wait.


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