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how to get help in windows 10 - Here's the quickest way to get help on Windows 10, presenting useful information when something on the desktop gets you confused. Each case, Windows takes help, either by going online, taking direct instructions, or taking you to the tutorials that are inside Windows 10.

If you're having trouble with Windows 10, you might want to get an answer as soon as possible so you can get back to work. Fortunately, Microsoft built a number of support services into its operating system and will even help you via phone or live chat. Here are four ways to get help in Windows 10.
  • Ask Microsoft Support for Help
For direct interaction with a Microsoft representative, you can use a dedicated app built into your PC. Click the Start button and scroll to Contact Support, and if you don't see that, look for Get Help.
Here, you can ask a question or search with keywords to find documentation from Microsoft that will solve your problems.
  • Call or Chat with Microsoft 
After searching for an answer in Contact Support or Get Help, you'll see options for further assistance at the bottom of the window. These options include arranging for Microsoft to call you now, which should include an estimate for how soon an agent will be ready. If that time isn't convenient, you can schedule a call for later, picking a time that better fits your schedule. Those who would prefer to type can opt for the live chat option.
  • Hit the F1 Key
The F1 key is the original means of finding help, similar to dialing 411. Hitting F1 in an app often opens that program's help menu, but for Windows 10 itself, the button only performs a Bing search in your default browser for "get help in Windows 10" which you could do yourself.
  • Ask Cortana for Help
If you'd rather talk than type, you can ask Cortana for help understanding basic issues with Windows 10. The digital assistant knows about keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste and can even direct you to videos that answer other questions.
To activate Cortana, click on the microphone in the menu bar or say "Hey Cortana" if you have that option enabled.

Choose one of the above ways that you think is easier or you can add another way in the comment field. Thank you !

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