How to Block an annoying Mobile Number

How to Block an annoying Mobile Number

How to Block an annoying Mobile Number - We must often get phone calls or text message (SMS) from unknown number. Either aim to device, offer SMS content, or just idle. Of course we need to block the phone number by entering it into the blacklist on your android samrtphone. By blocking the phone number of the person, of course all activities such as calls and SMS can be prevented to get into our phone. 

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for that in this article jossgun will share some how to block the phone number that often annoys us or just people idle alone. Let's see through to how to block the phone number below :

1. How to block unknown phone number calls : 
  • Please open the Contacts app on your Phone.
  • Select the phone number you want to block.
  • press the menu button.
  • Then check the Block direct call option.
2. How to block SMS from annoying phone numbers :
  • The first step please open Messaging or SMS app on your smartphone.
  • Choose one of the conversations you want to block on the Inbox list.
  • Press the Menu key, select Chat settings.
  • Finally, uncheck the Notifications option.
Actually blocking SMS here does not mean your phone rejects incoming SMS, but more to categorize incoming SMS as spam (for some android brand). So the message can we see on the spam menu, but we are not notified. Up here we managed to block calls & SMS from annoying phone numbers.

Good luck !

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