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It turns out that sleep can make our body slim

It turns out that sleep can make our body slim - Some tips that can be followed if you want your sleeping habits can help you lose weight :

  1. Drinking a glass of warm milk or pure yogurt that is rich in protein before bed can help relieve hunger. This will build more muscle while you sleep. Milk contains many casein - a form of protein that ultimately helps keep the body lean.
  2. Turn off the lights during sleep. Sleeping in the dark will help the body produce the hormone melatonin that helps you sleep and burn calories and fat. Women who sleep in dark rooms that are 21 percent less likely to be obese than women who sleep in bright rooms.
  3. Sleep discipline. People who sleep always on time will burn 20% more calories than those who sleep late. Related research also shows that lack of sleep causes fat cells in our body are less sensitive to insulin associated with the body's metabolic system. 
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