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7 side effects of contact lenses (soflens)

7 side effects of contact lenses (soflens) - Hi girls, do you use contact lenses or softlens?

Well, you have to be careful yes, do not you get keratitis. What is keratitis? Keratitis is an inflammatory condition in the cornea area, the outer part of the eyeball where the contact lens is positioned. This clear layer is the part that plays an important role in your visual acuity.

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Keratitis is generally suffered by contact lens users who are negligent in treating the lens, such as rarely cleaning contact lenses with disinfectant fluid, so contact lenses used are contaminated by germs.

Germs that can cause keratitis include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, especially the Akantamuba type parasites. The symptoms that are caused vary among others as follows :

  1. Redness in the eyes.
  2. Pain in the eye.
  3. Vision becomes blurred.
  4. The appearance of dirt often.
  5. Eyes become watery continuously.
  6. Eyes often feel glare, even when inside the house.
  7. Feels like a wedge when her eyes flicker.

Remove Contact Lenses While Sleeping

Never lazy to remove contact lenses when not in use. If you do not regularly remove your contact lenses and clean it, then your keratitis risk will increase. Keratitis is one type of severe infection that can cause serious complications that can damage vision permanently.

Here are some tips on using contact lenses :

  1. Ensure hand hygiene by hand washing properly, before installing and removing contact lenses.
  2. Use special cleaning lens cleaning fluid, never clean the lens using ordinary tap water.
  3. If the contact lenses you use are used one day, then never extend the usage.
  4. Remember to always remove contact lenses before you sleep, shower, swim, and any other activities necessary to remove contact lenses.
it's her review of keratitis and how to avoid it. Hopefully useful yes.
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