4 habits to avoid when washing your hair

4 habits to avoid when washing your hair

4 habits to avoid when washing your hair - Usually women often perform these 4 bad habits when washing your hair, either because you do not know or because of negligence. Here are the mistakes that many people make when washing their hair or using a shampoo that will make hair become damaged :
  •  Too much use of shampoo
Ideally, the person who washes her hair should only use 3 teaspoons of shampoo, although her hair is long. Because using too much shampoo does not make your hair to be healthy, but instead it actually damages the hair. In addition, your scalp will also feel more oily and also sticky.
  • Shampoo directly poured in the head
Shampoo directly poured in the head. This is actually not a problem, but it's good to pour the shampoo first into the palm of the hand first and then add water to it. This method is used to shampoo that we wear is not too thick and many.
  • Do not focus on the scalp
Well, this is the mistake most people make when washing hair. Generally people will focus more on washing and cleaning hair. Give more attention to every strand of hair, but forget the scalp. And to get maximum benefit of shampoo, scalp should also get special attention. If not done, the scalp becomes oily, and conversely, the hair will feel dry and easily broken or branching.
  • Use the right shampoo
If dandruff, then wear anti dandruff shampoo. If the hair is stiff, wear a softener shampoo, and so on. Other people's habits are reluctant to change the shampoo for fear of suitable. But when using the current shampoya, her hair often fall out. They do not want to move for fear of worsening.

Or there is also another reason that is more ironic, do not want to replace the shampoo because the shampoo needed more expensive. Some even do not want to change the shampoo just because it has fallen in love with the aroma.

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