6 Ways To Get Rid Of Hair Lice

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Hair Lice - Here are some natural ingredients that can be used to remove hair ticks:
  • Almonds
Almonds are a natural herb that is powerful enough to remove fleas on hair and eggs naturally. Not only help overcome flea hair, but almonds will also help nourish your hair naturally.
  • Alcohol
Alcohol contains 70 percent more isopropyl or absolute alcohol. This content is very effective to remove fleas on hair and eggs, depending on your courage to use this alcohol.
  • Lemon juice
Lemon is a natural herb that has high acid properties. The acid content in the lemon is very useful to remove hair lice quickly.
In addition, this one treatment is also very suitable for all circles, ranging from children to adults. Considering the lemon juice itself is very safe and easy to use.

  • Olive Oil
Olive oil can be considered as a type of oil that has many benefits for humans. In addition to helping nourish the skin naturally, olive oil is also quite nutritious to remove hair ticks.
  • Onion Red
Usually onion we often use to cook, but who would have thought the white sulfur content in the kitchen spice is very effective in killing fleas in the hair.
  • Mayonnaise
This one material is often used to complement hot dogs. But in addition, according to the Minnesota Department of Health mayonnaise is also pretty good for nits hair removal naturally.

Choose one of the above materials and apply.

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