How To Clear Cache on Laptop And Computer 'Windows'

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How to Delete Cache and Cookie Files on Laptops and Windows Computers

Method 1: Using Run Feature (% Temp% and temp)

Temp templates and templates temporary folders. My first method could give you more software. The temporary Windows folder will contain temporary files like Cache, Cookies, History, temporary, and other temporary files. To clear the cache file without software, follow the steps below:
1. Make sure you are already in the Windows menu. Press Windows + R, and you will be taken to the "RUN" feature. Type the% temp% command and hit enter, and you will be automatically taken to a temporary Windows folder. After you successfully login Temporary Folder, you can clean all files and files in that directory.

2. Not quite in the way above, you can do it again with other commands. Press Windows + R then the Windows feature "RUN" will appear. Type the Temp command and hit enter, then you will be taken to a temporary Windows folder. Next, you delete files and folders in that directory.

Method 2: Use Windows Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a feature and built-in apps in Windows. This application can be used to clean up temporary files that exist in Windows Folders, including in the Recycle Bin. To delete the cache file with Disk Cleanup, follow the steps below:

1. Click Start menu »Programs» Accesories »System Tool» Disk Cleanup.
After you follow the above steps, the Drive option will appear from the hard drive partition. Please select the Drive you want to delete with Disk Cleaner. Wait a few moments from several options (Optional). Check all the options in Disk Cleaner, then press "OK" and wait until the cleaning process is complete.

Hopefully you can do the above tips properly and make your computer run better.

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