How to lose weight naturally with diet

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How to lose weight naturally with diet - Apply a healthy lifestyle to maintain ideal body stability in the long term :
  • Define the Target
Set realistic targets before diet and during diet. Do not be obsessed with losing weight fast. 1 kilogram a week is enough. Also set small targets such as, not eating fried foods, not eating fast food, and others.
  • Optimistic thinking
In addition to setting a target, of course you have to control your mind to stretch the body. Set a positive and optimistic mind that you will be thin.
  • Actively move
For example by walking. Instead of going anywhere using a motor vehicle, start walking anywhere. Do not just sit quietly in front of the computer. Start doing things that seem trivial as parking a car away from the destination so have to walk first, do not use the elevator or escalator.
  • Expand drinking mineral water
Mineral water can lose weight. Before eating one glass of mineral water, the portion of food will be reduced.
  • Consumption of fiber-rich foods
Foods that contain lots of fiber are peas, avocados, bananas, papaya, broccoli, cabbage, pears, corn, and brown rice.
The benefits of fiber-rich foods include:

  1. Helps the detoxification process in the body
  2. Helps to lose weight
  3. Lowers high cholesterol
  4. Cleaning the digestive tract
  5. Protect the body from disease of the large intestine
  6. Avoid fat deposits in the blood vessels
  7. Controlling blood sugar
  8. Slows the absorption of glucose
  • reduce the portion of food
Reducing the meal here does not mean just one meal a day, but try reducing the portion of the meal by using a small plate.
  • Avoid snacks with high sugar content
Avoid eating foods with high sugar content. Read the nutrition table that's on every snack pack you'll be eating or drinking.
  • Drink lime juice in the morning
By drinking lime juice with a glass of warm water during the diet, can help you lose weight faster. oranges rich in vitamin C will work to absorb calcium in fat cells, so the weight down.

MESSAGE: Natural and healthy diet is not too tight and torturous, but still requires a high commitment to lose weight regularly and have long-term effects.

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